Anklet in Women Beauty

An anklet is an ornament which is worn by women around the ankle for around thousands of years in Asia and Africa. The girls and women of South Asia, Egypt and other African countries use single or a pair of anklets often with toe ring to adorn their feet. Gold, silver, oxidized metal, beads and nylon strings are used to make Anklets. The ancient Egyptian people preferred gold to other metals to represent their hierarchical position in the society. Every lady want to make beauty with anklet. Man also like those women who look like as anklet in women beauty.

The lower class people wore silver or iron made anklets. On the other hand, people of Bangladesh and India preferred silver, especially which is known as ‘chandi rupa, to make anklets according to some local beliefs, gold is considered as the ornament used by goddesses and it is an insult to them to wear gold on feet. Usually, a pair of anklets was ordered immediately after a baby girl was born or it was inherited from her mother or grandmother.

The sound of Anklet bells was considered to be auspicious according to the local belief. Indian rural and some tribal girls and women wear heavy anklets as their own cultural legacy. Anklet made its way into the USA during the 1950s. As modern women prefer light weight Anklets as widespread fashion item, handmade anklets made of beads and strings and metal anklets with one or two chains are popular now-a-days. Charms and cowries shells have replaced bells to avoid the sound yet look fashionable.

Light weight anklets price in Bangladesh around BDT 200-1500 based on their material. The rate of silver is BDT 1050 in Bangladesh. Silver anklets cost around BDT1500- 15000 based on their design and weight. The rate is almost same in India. Many online based national and international shopping sites sell Anklets at cheaper rate. Anklets made of metal, oxidized metal, stone, beads, or cowries starts from BDT150.00.

So, the interested people may order online or go to a shopping mall to grab their chosen anklets!

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