Healthy diet boosts your immune system

A healthy diet boosts your immune system. Healthy diet is not means that a lot of foods eat in together every day. It means that you eat a plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, protein and healthy fats. Healthy diet boosts your immune system that provides energy to your body which is needed. Healthy diet can ensure to getting sufficient amount of micro-nutrients that maintaining our immune system.

Vitamin C:  Vitamin C is known as ascorbic acid, to protect our health from cardiovascular, cancer, stroke, eye health and immunity to living longer. Vitamin C assists with secure cells and keeps them solid. It is helping to maintain healthy skin, blood vessels, bones and cartilage. It is help with wounded healing. We found the source of Vitamin C is very easily and can take every day in our dining table.

The source of Vitamin C: Vitamin C has in some of fruits and some of vegetables. Fruits are Grapefruit, Orange, Lemon, Strawberries and papaya. Vegetables are Broccoli, Potatoes and Tomatoes. Peppers absorb Vitamin C in body directly.

Vitamin B: Vitamin B is not only one vitamin like vitamin C and Vitamin E and like others vitamin. But also called Vitamin B complex is composed of eight B Vitamins. Vitamin B complex plays a vital role to maintain good health. Vitamin B complex has impact direct on energy levels, brain function and cell metabolism. It helps to prevent infections and helps to growth of red blood cells and cells health. Maintain your energy levels and keeps in good your eyesight. Helps to promote healthy brain function and maintain good digest system. It is maintain your proper nerve function. It is controlled your hormones and cholesterol production. It is improved your cardiovascular health and muscle tone.

The source of Vitamin B complex: The great source of Vitamin B is in our daily meals. These are green vegetables, Peanuts, Bananas, Chicken, Fish, and Eggs, Milk, Wheat and Soya beans.

Vitamin E:  Vitamin E is strong antioxidants is one of the most effective vitamins to modulate immune function. These antioxidants also fight age-related cell damage that is linked with many chronic diseases, including cancer. Vitamin E has been used in treatment of  respiratory distress syndrome in preterm babies. Vitamin E prevents from retina (retrolental fibroplasia) disease of preterm babies on oxygen. It helps the immune system to fight infections. It widens blood vessels and helps to keep clots from forming in blood.

The source of Vitamin E: Source of Vitamin E is Almonds, vegetable oil, Sunflower, Safflower oil, Sunflower seeds, Peanut butter, Spinach, Soya, Corn and olive oil.

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