How to work clock spy camera video

How to work clock spy camera video

We are astonished how to work clock spy camera. It is use as like a digital clock but a spy camera can hide here. Clock spy camera work as clock and spy camera parallel. It can be use in living room, study room, bed room, office, shop to monitor any un-usual activities.  Now we will know how to work clock spy camera.

Clock spy camera is a ultra small wifi camera and online remote control by your phone. It is no matter where you go or travel. You can be monitoring your home through your phone when you connect with this camera. Multi user can monitor by phone through internet.

This mini spy camera can work in night through Infrared night vision 12 LEDs and sent notification to your smart phone anywhere and anytime if any motion detect.

The new video files will overlay the previous file automatically when the camera is in continuous recording mode. This camera does not have any built in memory. If you want save the photo and video recording, please use original Samsung memory card 8GB to 64GB. Memory card support maximum up 64GB. 1GB can record approximate 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Full glass ultra high definition 90 degree lens wide angle range application will cover your living room, bed room, office room, study room and your shop. This camera have built in  microphone and speaker so that you can talk each and others.

Clock spy camera can capture HD resolution 4k video and 1080p image. This mini WIFI spy camera can support Apple, Android mobile phone, tablet, computer through remote viewing.

You will monitor your home security in 24 hours by rechargeable battery while it is charging.

The clock spy camera is 3.9” length X 1.7” width and 1.3” thickness. It has USB charging port, a rechargeable battery, Memory card slot, reset and on/off button. It has digital clock apps, recording camera and 12pcs LR light for night vision recording.

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